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mardi 21 février 2012

Yellowstone cowbear - Joe Dassin - 1980

Yellowstone cowbear

mai 1980

(Joe Dassin/Julie Dassin
 Ricky Dassin - Joe Dassin)

Durée : 4'09
Les Paroles
Hey, look at me, I'm a dancing bear in a bow to a gypsy king,
He taught me everything I know and he plays a mean tambourine,
And he got a gold ring in his ear, I got a brass one in my nose,
For any mother's son, for any mamma's cub way it goes.

Now, I like my life, that's all I know, there's nothing that I lack
So why do I do dream of the bark of a tree
To scratch my back and figure out
Why I groove on a rainbow trout?

Dreams, dreams, dreams, recurring dreams.
Hmmm, why do I have these dreams?
Right foot in and right foot out
Hmmm that's what it's all about - dreams.


I watch the world go buy through the bars of my mobile home
Why ain't I satisfied, what do you mean by "Yellowstone"?
Now, he's got a foulard made of silk, I got a collar, I got a chain,
But he drives our car and he pays my bills and I only dance when it doesn't rain.

Like any bear I've ever seen midways that I was raised,
But why do I dream of a sweet running stream
So cold and waiting? Tell me why
I get so sleepy in the wintertime?

Dreams, dreams, dreams, recurring dreams.
Ohmm, why do I have these dreams?
Put your left foot in and your left foot out
Hmm, baby, that's what it's all about - dreams.


Now, he's got a lunch box, I got a pail,
I climb a ladder, he plays the drum
He got a moustache, I got a tail,
We're just doing like we always done

Two steps is all I know, two steps is okay by me
But why all these dreams of rolling 'round
On daisy greens? I got no clue,
Just this feeling of deja vu.

Dreams, dreams, dreams, recurring dreams.
Hmmmm, why do I have these dreams?
Right foot in and right foot out
Hmmm, that's what it's all about - dreams.

I'm a Yellowstone cowbear

That's why



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Yellowstone cowbear (interprétée en anglais) figure sur la 2e face du 45T "The guitar don't lie" (SP 8738). Ce titre est également enregistré sur un maxi 45T, qui reste le deuxième et dernier maxi 45T (SP 12-8738) dans la carrière de Joe Dassin.
Dernière mise à jour le 21 février 2012

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